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Frequently Asked Questions from Book Clubs (FAQ)

How do I contact an author to schedule a meeting?
An email link is provided for each author. Please email the author
directly. You might want to include a few dates when you are available
and the location of your group.

Can I invite an author to attend our book club meeting?
Yes. Check the Location Directory to find authors who live near you and are available to attend meetings.

What should I take into consideration when scheduling a meeting with an author?
Take time zones into consideration when scheduling. Also, plan on holding the meeting where a speakerphone is available. Position the speakerphone so group members can hear the author and the author can hear them.

Who places the phone call?
Unless the author specifies otherwise, the book club should place the phone call to the author.

How long will the author speak with us?
Plan on spending approximately 30 minutes of your meeting with the author, unless s/he indicates otherwise.

How many authors can our group contact?
Please feel free to contact as many authors as you like - there is no limit.

Can we ask an author to discuss a book that is not listed in the Invite an Author directory?
When you contact the author, feel free to ask if s/he is willing to discuss titles other than the ones listed.

How far in advance should we schedule our author discussion?
Plan on having enough time for all club members to complete the book. You might choose a book you will discuss at the next meeting, or you might schedule the conversation for several months in the future. It is best to contact the author as early as possible.

Should we send questions in advance?
Unless the author specifies, you don't need to send questions in advance. But it is helpful to have group members bring prepared questions to the meeting, and to gather for a short time before you call the author to brainstorm discussion topics.

Is there a charge to use the Invite an Author directory?
Invite an Author is a free service for book club members.


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