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Book Clubs Featured in The Book Club Cookbook (revised edition)

The book clubs we contacted — and their ideas — became the heart and soul of our book. From hundreds of surveys with a diverse group of book clubs across the country, we identified the one hundred popular reading club titles featured in The Book Club Cookbook. During interviews, book club members shared stories of their book clubs, favorite books, recipes, and food ideas. Their creativity and diverse perspectives give The Book Club Cookbook its unique flavor.

The page numbers below correspond with the revised edition of The Book Club Cookbook (Penguin, 2012).


Dixie Divas (Birmingham)
p. 388

Imani Book Club (Montgomery)
p. 229


Angela White (Anchorage)
p. 179

Four Major Food Groups (Anchorage)
p. 297


Alice Haddix (Tucson)
p. 332

Contemporary Book Discussion Club (Phoenix, Tempe)
pp. 67, 76

Potluck Book Club (Phoenix)
p. 239

Sino-American Discussion Group (Phoenix)
p. 50


That Bookgroup of Cookie's (Blytheville)
p. 324


The Book Club (San Francisco area)
p. 194

Aunties' Brigade (Santa Cruz)
p. 405

Bestsellers' Browsers (Sunnyvale & Los Altos)
p. 457

Bokklubben (San Diego)
p. 193

Book Club Eleven (San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles)
p. 364

Bookwomen (Encinitas)
pp. 86, 252, 294, 312, 349, 415; recipe, p. 293

Britta's Book Club (Irvine)
pp. 217, 218, 337
; recipes, pp. 182, 215

Caroline Zoba (San Francisco)
p. 365

Cypress Readers (Cypress)
p. 307

East County Mothers' Club Book Club (Antioch)
recipes, pp. 205, 242

Epicureaders (San Francisco)
pp. 14, 23, 24, 202; recipe, p. 21

FRED (Friends Reading, Eating and Discussing Books) (San Francisco)
p. 288

Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club at the University of California at San Diego (San Diego)
p. 440

Lisa Ryers (Pulitzer Prize books) (San Francisco)
pp. 4, 425

Literary Society of San Diego (San Diego)
pp. 243, 392; recipes, pp. 64, 65

Minga Suma (Los Angeles)
p. 62

Pages and Plates (Los Angeles)
p. 255

Portola Hills Book Group (Portola Hills)
pp. 18, 262, 430

A Room of Her Own (Redlands)
pp. 119, 345;
recipe, p. 17

Second Wednesday Dinner Club (Fullerton)
pp. 128, 173, 320, 360, 429; recipe, p. 358; recipe introduction, p. 427

Shannon Bayley (San Francisco)
p. 132

Silicon Valley Book Club (San Carlos)
pp. 235, 274, 424; recipe, p. 286

Wednesday Afternoon Lunch and Book Club (San Diego)
pp. 282, 387; recipe, p. 384

Well Bread Book Group (San Francisco area)
p. 444


Chicklit Chicas (Ottawa, Ontario)
pp. 55, 397

College Street Book Club (Toronto, Ontario)
p. 168


Boulder Great Books (Boulder)
p. 207

Denver Read and Feed (Denver)
pp. 151, 213, 414

Elinor Hellis (Denver)
p. 442

Tattered Cover Book Store
p. 421

Women of the West Book Club (Boulder)
p. 96


Sharon Conway (West Hartford)
p. 319

Stetson Book Club (New Haven)
p. 180

Thursday Evening Book Bites (Forestville)
p. 306; recipe, p. 167


The Booker Tea Reading Group
p. 146

A Moment of Peace
p. 251

Network of South Asian Professionals (NetSAP) - DC Book Club
pp. 86, 201; recipe, p. 145

Sistahs About Reading
p. 292

Vegetarian Society of DC (VSDC) Book Club
intro to recipe, p. 109; p. 202


Boca Bibliophiles (Boca Raton)
p. 311

Brianne Smith (Tallahassee)
p. 137

Cover to Cover Girls (Lake County)
p. 402; recipe, p. 373

LunaChics Literary Guild (Tallahassee)
pp. 51, 141, 142, 422

NBA (No Boys Allowed) (Miami)
p. 66

Sistah Girl Reading Club (Miami)
p. 415

Sisters Book Club (Tampa)
p. 229

South Florida Preschool PTA Book Club (Miami)
pp. 230, 244, 298, 328, 341, 406, 453, 465; recipe, p. 339

We Who Read (Ocala)
p. 456


Lisa Stone (Atlanta)
p. 183


Borders Books and Music Best Sellers Book Club (Waipahu)
p. 39


Blue Anklets Book Club (Arlington Heights)
p. 178

Book Club of Hope Hadassah (Chicago)
p. 277

Cultures Club of the Park Forest Public Library (Park Forest)
pp. 72, 218, 430

Dubbya Dubbya Club (Chicago)
p. 13

Lisa von Drehle (Chicago)
p. 467

Rose Parisi (Chicago area)
p. 337

Read Between the Wines (McHenry)
p. 132; recipe, p. 134

Sarah Wortman (Chicago)
p. 109


Between the Lines (Aurora)
p. 411

Critical Mass (Indianapolis)
p. 79

Danner's Book Store (Muncie)
recipe, p. 74

Go On Girl! Book Club (Indianapolis)
recipe, p. 69, p. 71

Judy Schroeder (Bloomington)
p. 315


Christy Sommerhauser (Wichita)
p. 434

Culinary Book Club of the Basehor Community Library (Basehor)
p. 382


Madisonville Community College Book Discussion Group (Madisonville)
p. 118


Talk About (Lafayette)
pp. 3, 62


Maine Humanities Council Winter Weekends (Brunswick)
p. 28

Sierra Club of Maine Book Club (Eco Book Club) (Portland)
p. 452


Bookworms (Baltimore)
p. 458

Page Turners of Fallston High School (Fallston)
p. 163


Amy Miller (Needham)
p. 225

Boston-Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (Boston area)
pp. 40, 159, 340

Daughters of Abraham (Cambridge)
p. 354, 355

Debby Saltzman (Westborough)
p. 368

Ellen Masterson (Westborough)
recipe p. 34

Erika Gardiner/Stephanie Howard/Mary Breen (Boston suburbs)
pp. 19, 256, 268

Mary Ann Oldfield (Boston suburbs)
p. 377; recipe, p. 376

Men's Book Club (Greater Boston)
p. 85

Novel Women (North Shore)
p. 378

Real Men, Real Books (Needham)
recipe p. 29, p. 31

Ron Tibbetts/book club for the homeless (Boston)
p. 456

Sea Dogs (MIT) (Cambridge)
pp. 115, 268

Thursday Evening Book Group (Haverhill)
pp. 188, 189

Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society Book Group (Westborough)
p. 443

Wine, Women, and Words (Needham)
p. 248, 346


Morsels for the Mind (Grand Rapids)
p. 374; recipes, pp. 135, 138, 371


Book Bags (New Prague)
pp. 169, 172, 341, 453

Bookies (central Minnesota)
pp. 239, 307

College of St. Catherine Faculty Book Club (St. Paul)
p. 148

Heritage Library Reading Group (Lakeville)
p. 154

Lemmings (Rochester)
recipe, p. 408

Suzanne Brust (St. Paul)
p. 45, 467


Second Sunday Book Club (McComb)
p. 396

Southern Book Club (Vicksburg)
p. 381


Book Club Girls' Club (BCGC) (St. Louis)
p. 403

Book-A-Nons (St. Louis)
p. 391

Bookenders (Lee's Summit)
p. 461

Rockhill Book Club (Kansas City)
p. 127

Shannon Bloomstran (St. Louis)
p. 224


Our Book Group Kicks Your Book Group's Butt (Missoula)
p. 7


Alcott Society (Englewood)
p. 356

Algonquin Book Club (Scotch Plains)
p. 56

The Reading Society (Englewood)
p. 27


Joseph Ginocchio (Santa Fe)
p. 273

Last Thursday Book Club (Albuquerque)
p. 123

Who Did It? A Grammatically Correct Mystery Book Club (Taos)
p. 288


Attic Salt Book Club (Bridgeport)
recipe, p. 335

Book Club of the Brown University Club in New York (New York City)
pp. 266, 274, 449

Chicklits (New York City)
p. 281

Ebony Book Club (Brooklyn)
p. 319

Ed2010 New York Chapter Book Club (New York City)
p. 100

Inklings (Chittenango)
p. 261, recipe,

Ladies of Autumnwood (Grand Island)
p. 179

Richmond Memorial Library Adult Discussion Group (Batavia)
p. 325

Urban Book Club (New York City)
p. 301


Drinking Woman's Book Club (Raleigh)
p. 386

Regional Readers (Knightsdale)
p. 80


Summerwood Book Club (Columbus)
recipe, p. 271

The 3rd Monday Book Group (Twinsburg)
p. 306


League of Women Voters Book Club (Corvallis)
p. 291

Movie Stars Book Club (Portland)
p. 19


Cheryl Haze (Philadelphia)
p. 348

Food for Thought Book Club (Annville)
p. 169; recipe, p. 166

Novels and Nibbles (Bucks County)
p. 375

Pandora Book Club (Philadelphia)
p. 328

Reading Hearts (Philadelphia)
p. 56

Scranton One Book Program/Albright Memorial Library (Scranton)
p. 159


Chapter 3 Reading Group (Pawleys Island)
p. 197

Les Livres (Beaufort)
p. 359


Bay Area Book Club (Houston)
p. 238

Black Madonna (Waco)
pp. 67, 91; recipe, p. 89

Book at Hand Club (Las Colinas)
p. 374

Dallas Gourmet Book Club (Dallas)
pp. 213, 333; recipes, pp. 232, 331

Friends of the Fort Worth Public Library Book Forum (Fort Worth)
p. 225

Houston Book Club (Houston)
p. 410; recipe, p. 283

Lovely Ladies (Bryan College Station)
pp. 35, 36, 208

New Book Club (Austin)
p. 233

The Old City Park Book Club & The Junior Historian Book Club (Dallas)
p. 105

Pre-Oprah Saturday Morning Book Club (Dallas)
p. 164

Spicewood Springs Library Mystery Group (Austin)
p. 136


Classics Book Club (Arlington)
p. 173

Thomas Jefferson Book Club (Falls Church)
p. 387


Booked Wednesdays (Seattle)
p. 439

DRUM (Diverse Readings to Understand Multiculturalism) Book Club (Seattle)
pp. 60, 62

Got Wine (Redmond)
p. 150

Northwest Passages (Seattle)
p. 114, 382

Wuthering Bites (Seattle)
pp. 32, 336, 462; recipes, pp. 389, 460


Bethel Bookwomen (Madison)
p. 360

Milwaukee School of Engineering's Great Books Dinner and Discussion Series (Milwaukee)
pp. 43, 44, 51, 93, 278; recipe, p. 90

T.H.U.R.S. (Cable)
p. 247


Meeteetse Book Group (Meeteetse)
pp. 147, 149, 173, 185, 448; recipe, p. 446

Sage Sisters (Cody)
p. 369


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