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Rhubarb and Ginger Syllabub Recipe from Author Antonia Hodgson

Syllabubs evolved in the eighteenth century into the dessert we recognize today. For a seventeenth-century syllabub, a cow would have been milked over a bowl of ale or cider. So be grateful my novel is set in 1727. Syllabub is very rich and sweet, which is why it’s important to introduce a note of sharpness […]

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Four Layers and a Kiss of Sweetness Chicken from the authors of FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS

This isn’t a Western recipe. Back in the time of our characters in Four Weddings and a Kiss, folks worked hard for food and often ate simple meals. Families slaughtered chickens and other animals in the backyard, women spent hours over hot fires, and vegetables were only on hand if the garden had yielded a […]

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