We’re proud to partner with A MIGHTY BLAZE, a group that has launched a social media initiative and virtual events for authors whose public events have been canceled during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Below you'll find their monthly list of new book releases.  Visit @amightyblaze on social media each Tuesday for updates on new releases and other events.



Brady Hammes: The Resolutions

Mary Kay Andrews: Hello, Summer

Jon McGoran: Spiked

Anna Solomon: The Book of V

Alli Frank & Asha Youmans: Tiny Imperfections

Amy Meyerson: The Imperfects

Jeannette Brown: The Illusion of Leaving

Jamie Brenner: Summer Longing

Camille Di Maio: The First Emma

Mikel Jollett: Hollywood Park

Laura Zam: The Pleasure Plan

Michael Zadoorian: The Narcissism of Small Differences

Wendy Francis: Best Behavior

Amy Jo: Shiner

Alexandra Carter: Ask for More: Ten Questions to Negotiate Anything

Kimberly McCreight: A Good Marriage

Katherine Slee: The Book of Second Chances

Jennifer Weiner: Big Summer

Alex George: The Paris Hours

Isla Morley: The Last Blue

Gail Godwin: Old Lovegood Girls

Brooke Lea Foster: Summer Darlings

Anne Raeff: Only the River

Louisa Leaman: The Second Chance Boutique

Sarah Morgenthaler: The Tourist Attraction

Tess Stimson: A Mother's Secret

Susan Berfield: The Hour of Fate

Mary Beth Keane: Ask Again, Yes (Paperback)

Jennifer Steil: Exile Music

Shubangi Swarup: Latitude of Longing

MAY 12

Nina Shengold: Reservoir Year

Lisa Duffy: My Kind of People

Alden Jones: The Wanting was a Wilderness

Aimee Agresti: The Summer Set

Heather Gudenkauf: This is How I Lied

Rachel Barenbaum: A Bend in the Stars

Alison Ragsdale: The Liar and Other Stories


Aimee Liu: A Glorious Boy

Mary Keliikoa: Derailed

William Hazelgrove: Henry Knox's Noble Train

Sajni Patel: The Trouble With Hating You

Marissa de Los Santos: I'd Give Anything

Emily M.D. Scott: For All Who Hunger

Janine Reid: The Opposite of Certainty

Lauren Francis-Sharma: Book of the Little Axe

Kelly Harms: Bright Side of Going Dark

Lindsey Rogers Cook: How to Bury Your Brother

Erica Heller (Editor): One Last Lunch (Anthology)

 MAY 19

Nancy Star: Rules for Moving

Curtis Sittenfeld: Rodham

Laura Hankin: Happy & You Know It

Katherine St. John: The Lion’s Den

Nancy Dinan: Things You Would Know if You Grew Up Around Here

Maggie Doherty: The Equivalents: A Story of Art, Female Friendship, and

Liberation in the 1960s

Barbara Sapienza: The Laundress

Liv Constantine: The Wife Stalker

Karen Karbo: Yeah, No. Not Happening

Pip Drysdale: The Sunday Girl

Stephnie Danler: Stray

MAY 26

Elliot Ackerman: Red Dress in Black and White

Hannah Mary McKinnon: Sister Dear

Susan Mallery: The Friendship List

Kerry Kletter: East Coast Girls

Sarah Carlson: Everything's Not Fine

Barbara Taylor Bradford: In The Lion's Den

Tom Young: Silver Wings, Iron Cross

Melanie Benjamin: Mistress of the Ritz

Nancy Thayer: Girls of Summer

Maddie Dawson: A Happy Catastrophe

Meryl Wilsner: Something To Talk About

Natalie Jenner: The Jane Austen Society