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BookClubCookbook.com celebrates food and literature, and connects authors, book clubs, and readers! You'll find author recipes and book club menus, along with menus from book groups around the country, blogger book-inspired recipe parties, book and food giveaways, and news. Thousands of book clubs participate in the GalleyMatch program, providing free advance reading copies.

Our passion for food and literature— and puns— inspired a library of unique spice blends  for book, television and music lovers: Book, TV, and Song Blends.

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The featured books on our website do not necessarily have a culinary tie-in: the goal of our sites is to connect readers with the best fiction and non-fiction for book clubs.

About authors Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp

Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp, are cooks, book enthusiasts, and friends. Seeking to combine their passion for books, food, and book clubs, they met over stacks of books and endless cups of coffee at a local sandwich shop, where The Book Club Cookbook was born. The revised edition of The Book Club Cookbook, featuring 20 new book club titles and recipes, was published in 2012.

They were motivated to write their second book, The Kids’ Book Club Book, after librarians, parents, and teachers who attended their talks asked for a similar book for the growing number of youth book clubs across the country. Table of Contents features book-related recipes from fifty of today’s most popular authors.

Since 2004, they have shared their love of food and literature with book club members, and authors via BookClubCookbook.com.