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 Blends Bash!

Recipes with Book, TV, and Song Blends

#BlendsBash, bloggers, authors, and bookstagrammers are cooking up recipes with  Book Blends, TV Blends, and Song Blends—spices for literature, television, and music lovers— and sharing their culinary creations.

You'll find links to their inventive dishes and drinks below.  This fall, they'll share recipes daily— with new Blends including Lord of the Fries, The Secret Life of Teas,  Where the Mild Zings Are, The Lord of the Wings, and many crowd-favorite Blends, such as Saturday Night Chive, Better Call Salt, Where the Crawdads Zing, We're Not Gonna Bake It— and more!

Blends Bash Participants

Blends Bash Recipes

Better Call Salt
Chipotle Salt

Living My Best Book Life: "Better Call Salt" Boneless Fried Chicken

Cayenne Take My Eyes Off of You
Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning

The Book Cook NYC: “Cayenne Take My Eyes Off of You” Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Chai a Little Tenderness
Chai Baking Spice

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen: "Chai A Little Tenderness" Pecan Pie

Amy's Cooking Adventures: "Chai a Little Tenderness" and "Of Spice and Men" Cinnamon Chai Butter Cookies

Chive Talking
Chop House Burger Seasoning

Black Onyx Cocoa Powder

Kahakai Kitchen: Not So Traditional White Soup with "Dried and Prejudice

Dukkah Earl

Kahakai Kitchen: "Dukkah Earl" Grilled Eggplant Toasts with Topped with Whipped Feta & Dukkah


Booked for Lunch: "Poppy Longstocking" Orange Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

The Sage of Innocence
Rubbed Sage

Concerned Cook: "The Sage of Innocence" Pasta

Concerned Cook: "The Sage of Innocence"  Pink Mushroom  Pasta

Satay-in' Alive
Satay Seasoning


Saturday Night Chive
Bruschetta Seasoning

Concerned Cook: "Saturday Night Chive" Bruschetta

The Book Club Cookbook: "Saturday Night Chive" Bruschetta

Nature, Books, and Coffee: "Schwarma Chameleon" Vegan Nachos

Really Into This: "Schwarma Chameleon" One-Pot Beef Chili

The Secret Life of Teas
Smoked Tea Rub

Culinary Cam: "The Secret Life of Teas" Braised Duck

Sesame Street
Sesame Seeds

The Book Cook NYC: "Sesame Street” & “A Song of Spice and Fire” Weeknight Udon Stir Fry

Water Melanie’s: “A Song of Spice and Fire”:  Tangy Spinach Tofu Ramen

The Bookish Cookier: “A Tale of Two Chiles” Cinnamon Cayenne Hot Cocoa Cookies

Booked for Lunch: “A Tale of Two Chiles” Cayenne and Coffee Bacon

Thyme After Thyme 
Pizza Seasoning

Dinner Is Served 1972: D’Atri Special Seasoned Lettuce

Dinner is Served 1972: "We're Not Gonna Bake It" Mulled Cider

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen: "We’re Not Gonna Bake It" Apple Ginger Crumb Cake