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Eugenia Kim’s Easy Cabbage Kimchi

In The Kinship of Secrets, kimchi is featured in both Inja’s Korean story and Miran’s American story (the two young sisters at the heart of the novel). In Seoul, Inja’s aunt makes terrible kimchi that worsens as it ferments over the winter. As a way to earn money, Miran’s mother makes gallons of fresh kimchi and […]

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#TheLostFamilySupperClub Recap and Menu

  As fans of food and book bloggers, we knew they would have some creative approaches to recipes inspired by The Lost Family, author Jenna Blum‘s new novel. On June 3, we hosted #TheLostFamilySupperClub:  a gathering of eighteen bloggers at a virtual dinner party to celebrate the book’s release, sharing novel-inspired recipes and creating mouth-watering menus. It was […]

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Vegetable Pie

Lisa Tucker’s Vegetable Pie  THE PROMISED WORLD  No one cooks in The Promised World, but two people cooked for me while The Promised World was being written: my dear friend Kristin and my sister Laurie. Both women are great cooks – unlike me – but both of them knew that what I needed most was old-fashioned comfort food, […]

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Pecan-Raisin Christmas Stuffing

Kat Martin: Pecan-Raisin Christmas Stuffing A delicious old-fashioned stuffing to accompany turkey or chicken for any occasion, with mushrooms, water chestnuts, olives, apple and celery. THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK The Christmas Clock is the story of a Christmas miracle, a tender tale of love, courage, and forgiveness in the small Midwestern town of Dreyerville, Michigan. For me, […]

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Green Tea Noodles with Edamame

Book Club Recipes from Grace O: FoodTrients®: Age-Defying Recipes for a Sustainable Life Green Tea Noodles with Edamame  FOODTRIENTS A FoodTrients Book Club Menu: Also see: Grace Os’ recipes for Spinach and Grapefruit Salad and Pear and Apple Tart For more recipe ideas, visit No matter what your book club is reading, you can add a lot of flavor […]

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My Irish Grandmother’s Turkey Gravy Recipe from Deborah Henry

The two women who become grandmothers to Adrian and Johanna Ellis in The Whipping Club have different tastes. Ben Ellis’s Jewish mother, Beva — or Bubbe as she is nicknamed — makes a chopped chicken liver to die for. Delish, Ben agrees, though his wife Marian’s mother, Ma McKeever would disagree. One scene illustrates the […]

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