Are You There God? It’s Me Marjoram.


Organic Chicken Rub

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Chicken Rub: An herb to answer your existential questions and restore your faith in the power of spice.

Marjoram, rubbed sage, smoked paprika, chili powder, lemon peel, onion powder, black pepper, granulated honey, and celery seed

“Last night I roasted a chicken and used “Are You There God, it’s Me, Marjoram.” I would show you the after photos but the bird got torn to shreds by my carnivorous crotch goblins and the aftermath wasn’t pretty. Which means given the picky nature of the eaters in my house – GREAT SUCCESS! And all I did was add the seasoning to plain chicken and roast for a couple of hours! Talk about easy!” – Erin, The Boozy Baking Bibliophile

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