Lord of the Fries


Brewpub Garlic Fries Seasoning

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Brewpub Garlic Fries Seasoning: Change up your traditional fries! This garlic-pepper seasoning is a natural selection, whether dining solo or with a crowd.

Roasted garlic, sea salt, onion, and white pepper

“Lord of the Fries is a brewpub garlic seasoning for fries (or whatever you want to put it on)! This seasoning is a mix of garlic, sea salt, onion, and white pepper and gives your fries a super yummy flavor! I use this garlic fry seasoning for EVERYTHING! It is so good!” – Katie, @3heartsandawish

“Book Blend Spices: another perennial fave. Food, puns, books  and (my fave) Lord of the Fries garlic seasoning. The latter elevates my roasted potatoes into Nobel Prize territory. If potatoes were a Nobel category (root vegetable division). Which why not? ….” – Ann Handley

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