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Kathy Gunst’s Provençal-Style Fish Soup with Rouille from SOUP SWAP

Photo: Yvonne Duivenvoorden How can making a pot of soup build community? That’s the concept behind Soup Swap, my newest cookbook. Here’s the set up: invite a group of food-loving friends over—neighbors, family, book club, yoga group, PTO, etc— and ask everyone to bring a large pot of their favorite soup (as well Mason jars […]

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Fresh Trout in an Iron Skillet Recipe by L.L. Nielsen

Dina has been ill and meals have become her least favorite time of day until she meets Gil, a rugged cowboy who invites her on a picnic. She finds she can enjoy fresh fish prepared in Gil’s old iron skillet.  His culinary abilities are quite angelic and, despite her illness, she begins to feel new […]

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