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WOODROW ON THE BENCH: Jenna Blum’s “The Woodrow Cocktail”

Jenna Blum’s “The Woodrow Cocktail” from WOODROW ON THE BENCH: Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog What does any Labrador Retieiver love more than life? BACON. My dog, Woodrow, was no exception. Up until the very last week of his life, Woodrow was able to snatch rashers of bacon out of midair. In his […]

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Jenna Blum: Peter Rashkin’s Latkes with Beet Dip & Horseradish Crème Fraîche

One of the amazing things about creating the menu for The Lost Family was reconnecting with my own. I knew I wanted the book’s restaurant, Masha’s, to be a fusion of Jewish and German food—Peter and his first wife Masha’s culinary heritages, respectively—and, since we’re introduced to Masha’s in 1965, the menu items  would also be […]

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#TheLostFamilySupperClub Recap and Menu

  As fans of food and book bloggers, we knew they would have some creative approaches to recipes inspired by The Lost Family, author Jenna Blum‘s new novel. On June 3, we hosted #TheLostFamilySupperClub:  a gathering of eighteen bloggers at a virtual dinner party to celebrate the book’s release, sharing novel-inspired recipes and creating mouth-watering menus. It was […]

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Rommegrod A traditional Norwegian Christmas pudding, topped with cinnamon and sugar. THE STORMCHASERS My recipe is for a Norwegian Christmas pudding called rommegrod (pronounced “room-a-grout,” and indeed it could be mistaken for and function as grout). Rommegrod appears in my recent novel, The Stormchasers as a favorite dessert of the Norwegian twins, Karena and Charles Hallingdahl, the […]

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